flowknot initialize command


flowknot initialize keyword <range>

Initialize flotknot variables in the range. Note that the [flowknotinitializeoptions] is available after each of the following keywords, allowing them to be varied in space independently.

pore-pressure f [flowknotinitializeoptions]

Set initial flowknot pore-pressure.

temperature f [flowknotinitializeoptions]

Set initial flowknot temperature.

extra f [flowknotinitializeoptions]

Set initial flowknot extra variable values.

Keyword Flow

The following keywords may be used to modify a supplied scalar value. The commands main keywords are: extra, pore-pressure and temperature.


Add the specified value to the existing value.

gradient v <origin v >

Apply a gradient to the scalar-value provided.


Multiply the existing value by the specified value.

vary v

Apply a linear variation to the scalar-value provided.