flowplane edge apply command


flowplane edge apply keyword ... <range>

Set boundary conditions along flow plane edges.

discharge f <proppant f > <[flowedgeapplyblock]>

Set discharge boundary condition. Discharge is per unit length of a joint trace on the boundary surface. The specified discharge is cumulative, so the discharge specified is added to the existing discharge boundary condition. An optional proppant volume concentration may be specified for the injected fluid using the proppant keyword.

flux f <[flowedgeapplyblock]>

Set heat-flux boundary conditions for convection on flow pipes in the range.

flowplane edge apply Keyword Block

The keywords below are applicable to each of the following keywords of the flowplane edge apply command:

fish s

The specified FISH symbol is used to provide a multiplier.

table s

Set the load multiplier from a table given by the table create command. The table must consist of a list of pairs: time, f(time). Linear interpolation is performed between the given discrete points.