Console Pane Toolbar

When the Console pane is active, the toolbar appears as below.

console pane toolbar image
Table 1: Tools Available on the Console Pane Toolbar
Icon Command Description/Comment
exec Execute/Stop toggle Execute or stop cycling; see the “Toolbar” topic for more information.
call Call Open a dialog that allows the user to select a file to program call into PFC.
savs Save State Open a dialog to save the model state (create a SAV file), if previously unsaved; save the current model state to the existing file if previously saved.
sava Save as If the current model state is tied to an existing SAV file, open a dialog to save the current model state to a new, different file; otherwise will behave identically to “Save State.”
rest Restore Open an existing SAV file and make it the current model state.
opts Options Open the Console section of the Options dialog.
help Command Help Open Help to the page for the command currently on the command line.
cont Show/Hide Control Panel Toggle display of the Control Panel.
cset Show/Hide Control Sets This button is a pull-down that lists the available control sets for this pane type; select an unchecked item to display it in the control panel, select a checked item to hide it.