Beam Plot Item


Show the locations of beam elements as lines. The first few attributes of this plot item are contingent on the first attribute (Color By).


Color By


Set either a “label” or a “contour” to be colored on the plot item.



Specify which label or value (as determined by the previous setting) to display in the plot item. The options for both are shown on the following table. Some options will require additional, dynamically-provided attributes in order to complete the selection; these are indicated with notations on the table.

Table 1: Selection Options for Label/Value



Attach Conditionᵈ


Collection ID

Axial Force


Axial Stress

Extra of Elementᵉ


Extra of Nodeᵉ

Disp (Rel) of Linkᵈ

Group of Elementˢ

Displacement of Nodeᶜ

Group of Nodeˢ

Extra of Elementᵉ


Extra of Nodeᵉ

Target of Link

Force in Elementᶜ


Force of Linkᵈ

Yield State of Linkᵈ

Gap 1ᵈ

Gap 2ᵈ

Moment in Elementᶜ

Ratio Local

Ratio Target



ᶜA “Component” attribute follows

ᵉAn “Index” attribute follows

ᵈA “DOF” (degree of freedom) attribute follows

ᵖA “Property” attribute follows

ˢA “Slot” attribute follows


The attribute appearing in this position is either a Color-List or a Contour, depending on the “Color By” selection. Refer to the standard color-list control description and the standard contour control description for details.



Set line properties for the plot item. See the standard line control description for details.

Selected Only

selected only attribute

Set which elements are shown.

Selected Only: Specify (checked) that only selected plot item elements should be rendered.


selected only attribute

Reduce rendering size.

Shrink: Reduce rendering size, to allow gaps between individual elements to be visible. Value must be between .1 and 1 (1 = no shrinking).



Control rendering of the markers denoting element position.

Marker: Select an option from the choices “None”, “Node”, or “Link”. Also a container for additional properties, based on the selection made here. A standard color attribute and scale attribute are provided when “Node” or “Link” are selected. The “Link” option also includes a standard line attribute.



Set rendering of axes used to indicate local coordinate systems.

System: Select the coordinate system that is to be indicated by the axes, from the choices “None”, “Material”, Node”, “Element”, or “Surface”.

Additional controls provided after the initial selection is made will correspond to the controls available with the Axes plot item. See that topic for further details.



Map the item to new model coordinates. See the standard map control description for details.



Set the deformation factor. See the standard def-fac control description for details.



Set the transparency of the plot item. See the standard transparency control description for details.



Set item labeling in the plot legend. See the standard legend control description for details. Beneath Title, the Beam plot item also provides controls in Legend for Map, Hide-Null, Def-Fac, Contour, and Method.