sel hybrid create command


sel hybrid create keyword ... <range>

Primary keywords:

by-line    from-geometry    cid    dowel-length    faceplate    group    property    segments    segment-length    spacing    tension

Create a hybrid bolt element. Note that when hybrid reinforcement is used with fully deformable blocks, the blocks must be discretized into zones before reinforcement locations are specified.

by-line v1 v2

Create a hybrid bolt composed of one or more elements along a straight line.

from-geometry s <range>

Create hybrid bolt from the geometry set named s. The range applies to the list of edges in the geometry set.

cid i

Set the collection ID of the hybrid bolt. By default, a single collection ID is assigned to all hybrid bolt elements created with a single command. This allows to user to identify contiguous bolts made up of multiple elements.

dowel-length f

Set the half-length of dowel segments.


Add a faceplate at the start of the hybrid bolt (x1,y1,z1). The faceplate is simulated by attaching the first node to the grid. The faceplate has infinite strength.

group s1 <slot s2 >

Assign the hybrid bolt element to the group named s1 in slot s2 (if supplied).

property i

Set the property number assigned to the hybrid bolts.

segments i

Set the number of segments into which the hybrid bolt is divided. Only one of \(segments\) or \(segment-length\) needs to be specified.

segment-length f

Set the length of each segment. Only one of \(segments\) or \(segment-length\) needs to be specified.

spacing keyword

Set the node spacing according to the supplied keyword.

The nodes will be located a constant distance apart, regardless of the locations of joints along the bolt length. This is the default.

The node spacing will change to ensure at least one node between each pair of joints. Warning: this can result in very small bolt segments which may rapidly rupture due to large axial strains.

tension f

Set initial tension force present in the hybrid bolt.