sel hybrid property command


sel hybrid property i keyword ...
Assign property values to hybrid bolt property \(i\).
cross-sectional-area f

Set cross-sectional area, \(A\).

density f

Set density, \(ρ\).

dowel-stiffness f

Set dowel shear stiffness [F/L].

dowel-strainlimit f

Set dowel shear strain limit.

dowel-yield f

Set dowel shear force yield limit [F].

grout-cohesion f

Set grout cohesive strength, \(c_g\). [F / L]

grout-friction f

Set grout friction angle, \(ϕ_g\)

grout-stiffness f

Set grout stiffness, \(k_g\). [F / L2]

perimeter f

Set the length of the grout perimeter. Only required if grout friction angle is greater than 0.

rupture-tension-strain f

Set the axial strain at which the hybrid element will rupture and carry no axial load.

thermal-expansion f

Set thermal expansion coefficient, \(α_t\).

yield-compression f

Set compressive yield strength, \(F_c\). [F]

yield-tension f

Set tensile yield strength, \(F_t\) [F]. The hybrid cannot sustain axial load above \(f\).

young f

Set Young’s modulus, \(E\).