3DEC 5.2 to 7.0 Command Mapping

This document lists 3DEC 5.2 commands and provides links to their 3DEC 7.0 counterparts.

Table 1: 3dec command mapping
3DEC 5.2 3DEC 7.0
APPLY thermal convection block face apply convection
APPLY thermal flux block face apply flux
APPLY thermal psource block gridpoint apply source
APPLY thermal temp block gridpoint apply temperature
APPLY thermal vsource block zone apply source
APPLY xvel block apply velocity-x
APPLY yvel block apply velocity-y
APPLY zvel block apply velocity-z
BOUNDARY added_mass block face apply westergaard
BOUNDARY discharge flowplane edge apply discharge
BOUNDARY fluidpropconc flowknot apply proppant-volume
BOUNDARY fluidtemp flowknot apply temperature
BOUNDARY flux flowplane edge apply flux
BOUNDARY kndis flowknot apply discharge
BOUNDARY knflux flowknot apply flux
BOUNDARY nvelocity block gridpoint apply velocity-normal
BOUNDARY ppressure flowknot apply pore-pressure
BOUNDARY principal block face apply stress-principal
BOUNDARY reaction block gridpoint apply reaction
BOUNDARY stress block face apply stress
BOUNDARY xfree block face apply-remove
BOUNDARY xload block gridpoint apply force-x
BOUNDARY xtraction block face apply stress-xx
BOUNDARY xvelocity block gridpoint apply velocity-x
BOUNDARY xvisc block gridpoint apply viscous-x
BOUNDARY yfree block face apply-remove
BOUNDARY yload block gridpoint apply force-y
BOUNDARY ytraction block face apply stress-yy
BOUNDARY yvelocity block gridpoint apply velocity-y
BOUNDARY yvisc block gridpoint apply viscous-y
BOUNDARY zfree block face apply-remove
BOUNDARY zload block gridpoint apply force-z
BOUNDARY ztraction block face apply stress-zz
BOUNDARY zvelocity block gridpoint apply velocity-z
BOUNDARY zvisc block gridpoint apply viscous-z
CALL program call
CAVE no equivalent (not supported)
CHANGE cable sel cable node change, sel cable change
CHANGE cons block zone cmodel assign
CHANGE dfn block contact cmodel assign, block contact prop. Use range dfn-3dec.
CHANGE jcons block contact jmodel assign
CHANGE jmat block contact property
CHANGE mat block zone property
CHANGE wall block makewall
CONFIG array model configure array
CONFIG cppfish model configure plugin
CONFIG cppudm model configure plugin
CONFIG creep model configure creep
CONFIG dynamic model configure dynamic
CONFIG energy model configure energy
CONFIG feblock model configure feblock
CONFIG fluid model configure fluid
CONFIG highorder model configure highorder
CONFIG lhs no equivalent (not supported)
CONFIG liner no equivalent (always configured
CONFIG matrixflow model configure matrixflow
CONFIG thermal model configure thermal
CONTINUE program continue
COUPLE no equivalent (not supported)
CYCLE model cycle
DAMPING block mechanical damping
DEFINE … END fish define and end (note end is a statement, not a command, so it is not preceded by fish)
DELETE block delete
DENSIFY block densify
DFN addfracture fracture create
DFN cluster fracture cluster
DFN combine fracture combine
DFN connectivity fracture connectivity
DFN copy fracture copy from-dfn
DFN delete fracture delete
DFN export fracture export
DFN extra fracture extra and fracture dfn-extra
DFN generate fracture generate
DFN gimport fracture import from-geometry
DFN group fracture group and fracture dfn-group
DFN import fracture import
DFN information fracture verify-file
DFN intersection fracture intersections compute and fracture intersections delete
DFN property fracture property
DFN prune fracture prune
DFN template fracture template create and fracture template delete
DFN traces fracture intersection scanlines
DOMAIN model domain
DUMP block list dump (deprecated)
DYNAMIC block dynamic eigen
EXCAVATE block excavate
ECHO program echo-line
EXIT program exit
FACETRIANGLE block face triangulate
FFIELD block dynamic free-field
FILL block fill
FIND block hide (use block hide off to find)
FISH debug fish debug
FISH initialize no equivalent
FIX xrot block fix rotation-x
FIX xvel block fix velocity-x
FIX yrot block fix rotation-y
FIX yvel block fix velocity-y
FIX zrot block fix rotation-z
FIX zvel block fix velocity-z
FLUID add_proppant block fluid proppant active
FLUID aper_f flowplane property f-factor
FLUID area_min flowplane zone area-minimum
FLUID bulk block fluid property bulk
FLUID bulk_joint block fluid property bulk
FLUID bulk_matrix block fluid property bulk-matrix
FLUID cohwater block fluid property cohesion
FLUID density block fluid property density
FLUID do_proppant_settling block fluid proppant settling
FLUID empa flowplane property a-factor
FLUID empb flowplane property b-factor
FLUID expa flowplane property a-factor
FLUID fhide flowplane hide
FLUID fht_coe block fluid property heat-transfer-coefficient
FLUID flow_edge_min flowplane zone edge-minimum
FLUID fseek flowplane hide. (use flowplane hide off to find)
FLUID fspec_heat block fluid property specific-heat
FLUID fth_cond block fluid property thermal-conductivity
FLUID gas_alpha block fluid gas alpha
FLUID gas_bulkmin block fluid gas bulk-minimum
FLUID gas_constant block fluid gas constant
FLUID gas_densitymin block fluid gas density-minimum
FLUID proppant_blocked_permmult block fluid proppant permeability-factor
FLUID proppant_density block fluid proppant density
FLUID proppant_grain_size_factor block fluid proppant grain-size-factor
FLUID viscosity block fluid property viscosity
FLUID volmin flowplane zone volume-minimum
FRACTION model mechanical timestep safety-factor
FRAGMENT block fragment
FREE block free
GENERATE block zone generate
GEOMETRY copy geometry copy
GEOMETRY edge geometry edge create
GEOMETRY export geometry export
GEOMETRY group geometry assign-groups
GEOMETRY import geometry import
GEOMETRY node geometry node create
GEOMETRY paint geometry paint
GEOMETRY polygon geometry polygon create
GEOMETRY remove geometry polygon delete, geometry edge delete, geometry node delete
GEOMETRY set geometry select
GRAVITY model gravity
GRID block thermal grid
GROUP block (et al.) grouping is a facility (keyword) within other commands;
see, for instance, block group, sel cable group, flowknot group, etc.
GUI project save
HEADING model title
HELP help
HIDE block hide
HISTORY s1 (et al.) Adding a history on an object is done through the object;
for instance, block history or block contact history or fish history, etc.
Histories at gridpoints are done using the gridpointid or position keywords in the block history command.
HISTORY crtdel model history timestep
HISTORY crtime model history creep time-total
HISTORY damping model history damping
HISTORY energy model history energy
HISTORY fltime model history fluid time-total
HISTORY thtime model history thermal time-total
HISTORY ratio model history mechanical ratio
HISTORY unbalanced model history mechanical unbalanced-maximum
HISTORY delete history delete
HISTORY dump history list series
HISTORY hist_rep history interval
HISTORY label history.name a label (see history name label)
HISTORY limits history list limit
HISTORY list history list series
HISTORY ncycle history interval
HISTORY nstep history interval
HISTORY purge history purge
HISTORY reset history delete
HISTORY write history list series
INITEMPERATURE block gridpoint initialize temperature-analytical
INITIALIZE fluid proppant_volume_fraction flowplane vertex initialize proppant-volume
INITIALIZE fluid proppant_limit_volume_fraction block fluid proppant concentration-limit-volume
INITIALIZE fluid proppant_confined_modulus block fluid proppant modulus
INITIALIZE fluid proppant_grain_size block fluid proppant grain-size
INITIALIZE fluid proppant_permeability block fluid proppant permeability
INITIALIZE gpp block gridpoint initialize pore-pressure
INITIALIZE sxx block zone initialize stress-xx
INITIALIZE sxy block zone initialize stress-xy
INITIALIZE sxz block zone initialize stress-xz
INITIALIZE syy block zone initialize stress-yy
INITIALIZE syz block zone initialize stress-yz
INITIALIZE szz block zone initialize stress-zz
INITIALIZE temperature block gridpoint initialize temperature
INITIALIZE xdisplacement block gridpoint initialize displacement-x
INITIALIZE xvelocity block gridpoint initialize velocity-x
INITIALIZE ydisplacement block gridpoint initialize displacement-y
INITIALIZE yvelocity block gridpoint initialize velocity-y
INITIALIZE zdisplacement block gridpoint initialize displacement-z
INITIALIZE zvelocity block gridpoint initialize velocity-z
INSITU block insitu
ISOTHERMAL block thermal isothermal
JMODEL model block contact jmodel
JMODEL block contact property
JOIN block join
JOIN_CONTACT block contact join
JSET block cut joint-set
LABEL arrow data label create arrow
LABEL delete data label delete
LABEL end data label create end
LABEL text data label create text
LABEL x y z data label create position
the four above optionally take an index with the id keyword (i.e. LABEL id 1 arrow) in which case the corresponding translation is
data label create name "1" arrow
where the index is now a string (that may be a numeral)
LINE block thermal line
LIST apply block list apply
LIST at block list at
LIST axial sel reinforcement list
LIST b_max block list limits
LIST bad3 block face list bad-edge
LIST badface block face list bad-normal
LIST beam sel beam list
LIST blist block list contacts
LIST block block list
LIST boundary block gridpoint list apply
LIST brick block list brick
LIST cable sel cable list
LIST cave No longer supported
LIST cell block list cell
LIST concave block list concave
LIST contact block contact list
LIST couple No longer supported
LIST cp block contact list common-plane
LIST creep model creep list
LIST dfn fracture list
LIST directory program list directory
LIST displacement block list profile
LIST domain model list domain
LIST energy block list energy
LIST face block face list
LIST fcheck block face list check
LIST feblock block finite-element list
LIST fedge flowplane edge list
LIST ffield block dynamic free-field list
LIST fish fish list
LIST fknot flowknot list
LIST flaw block list flaw
LIST flowrate flowplane list discharge
LIST flowvel flowplane list velocity
LIST fluid block fluid list
LIST fos model factor-of-safety list
LIST fpipe flowplane pipe list
LIST fplane flowplane list
LIST fzone flowplane zone list
LIST geometry geometry list
LIST globals model list information
LIST gridpoint block gridpoint list
LIST group group list
LIST heat block thermal list heat
LIST history history list
LIST information program list information
LIST jmodel block contact jmodel list
LIST jmtable block contact list material-table
LIST junk block list junk (deprecated)
LIST keyinfo program list key-information
LIST label data label list
LIST lg block gridpoint list join
LIST liner sel liner list
LIST master block list master
LIST maxima block list maxima
LIST mechanical model mechanical list
LIST memory block list memory
LIST model program list plugins
LIST polyhedra block list polyhedra
LIST principal program list principal
LIST property Give name of object to get property, e.g. sel beam list property
LIST proppant block fluid proppant list
LIST pstress block list profile (not working yet)
LIST range model list range
LIST record model list record
LIST rface block face list
Use keyword rigid to print out original block faces
LIST scalar data scalar list
LIST security program list security
LIST serial program list serial
LIST slave block list slave
LIST state model list information
LIST stress block list profile (not working yet)
LIST structure sel liner list (not working yet)
LIST table 1 table "1" list (see table list)
LIST temp block gridpoint list temperature
LIST tensor data tensor list
LIST thermal model thermal list
LIST tknot flowknot list thermal
LIST trace trace list
LIST unbalanced block list unbalanced
LIST vector data vector list
LIST version program list version
LIST vertex block gridpoint list
LIST wall block list information
Use range wall to show only wall blocks.
LIST water block list water
LIST zdr block zone list statistics (deprecated)
LIST zmax block zone list ratio
LIST zone block zone list
LOAD program load
MAIL program mail
MARK No longer suppporetd.
Use block group or block face group
MSCALE block mechanical mass-scale
NEW model new
PAUSE program pause
PFIX block contact apply pore-pressure
POINT block thermal point
POLYHEDRON block create
PROPERTY No longer supported.
Use block zone property and block contact property
QUIT program quit
RANGE model range
REMOVE No longer supported.
Use block excavate
RESET damp block mechanical damping
RESET displacement block gridpoint initialize displacement
RESET dxf No longer supported
RESET history history purge
RESET jdisplacement block contact reset displacement
RESET jenergy block contact reset energy
RESET jstress block contact reset stress
RESET stress block zone stress initialize
RESET time model mechanical time-total
RESET velocity block gridpoint initialize velocity
RESTORE model restore
RETURN program return
SAVE model save
SCALAR data scalar
SEEK block hide
Use the keyword off to show blocks.
SET arcmin block contact area-minimum
SET atol block tolerance
SET aunb Specify unbalanced-average limit in the model solve command
SET case_sensitivity No longer supported
SET convection block thermal convection
SET crack_flow block fluid crack-flow
SET crdt model creep timestep starting or model creep timestep fix
SET creeptime model creep time-total
SET ctol block contact tolerance
SET cust1 program customer-title-1
SET cust2 program customer-title-2
SET cy No longer supported
SET damp block mechanical damping
SET datum Set datum in plot item attributes
SET deterministic model deterministic
SET directory program directory custom
SET dt model mechanical timestep maximum
SET dxf No longer supported
SET dynamic model dynamic active
SET echo program echo
SET edge block tolerance edge
SET energy block mechanical energy active
SET fastflow block fluid fastflow
SET fdtmax model fluid timestep maximum
SET fish autocreate fish automatic-create
SET fish call fish callback add
SET fish case_sensitivity No longer supported
SET fish remove fish callback remove
SET fish_delete_check block contact safe-delete
SET flow model fluid active
SET fobl model creep timestep lower-bound
Note - this is now given as a ratio
SET fobu Command is ambiguous. Could be model creep timestep upper-bound or model fluid timestep upper-bound
SET fpcoef block fluid fastflow-relaxation
SET gasflow block fluid gas active
SET hist_rep history interval
SET htol block tolerance planarity
SET jcondf Material numbers no longer supported.
Use block contact material-table
SET jmatdf Material numbers no longer supported.
Use block contact material-table
SET jmtable Material numbers no longer supported.
Use block contact material-table
SET join_contact block contact join-by-contact
SET jointid block cut set minimum-id
SET jplane block joint-plane
SET latency model creep timestep latency
SET lmul model creep timestep lower-multiplier
SET log program log on
SET logfile program log-file
SET matrix_flow block fluid matrix-flow
SET max_cells block cells size
SET maxdt model creep timestep maximum
SET mech model mechanical active
SET min_ang block tolerance angle
SET mindt model creep timestep minimum
SET munb Specify unbalanced-maximum limit in the model solve command
SET ncyc history interval
SET ngw model fluid substep
SET nmatrix block fluid jontflow-substep
SET nmech model mechanical substep
SET nodal block zone nodal-mixed-discretization
SET notice program notice on
SET nproppant No longer supported
SET nstep history interval
SET nther model thermal substep
SET nucp block update common-plane
SET nucx block update subcontact
SET nup_cab sel cable update
SET nup_fluid_timestep block fluid timestep-update
SET nupdt block mechanical timestep-update
SET nupface block update face-normal
SET overlay No longer supported
SET pagination program pagination
SET plotinterval model update-interval
SET proc program threads
SET random model random
SET sdel block contact delete-open
SET seed model random
SET skip_join_update block skip-join-update
SET small model large-strain
Use the keywork off to set small strain.
SET spface block cut set split-face
SET sublist_multi_contact block contact multi
SET sync_creep_mech No longer supported. Mechanical and creep always synced.
SET tension No longer supported
SET th_implicit block thermal implicit
SET th_numerical block thermal analytical
Use the keywork off to set numerical solution (this is the default).
SET th_scale on block thermal mass-scale
SET th_store_matrix No longer supported. Thermal matrix is always stored.
SET th_time model thermal time-total
SET thcoupl block thermal analytical substep
SET thdt model thermal timestep fix
SET thermal model thermal active
SET thtolerance block thermal tolerance
SET time model mechanical time-total
SET tunnel_axis Specify tunnel axis when using sel liner list
SET umul model creep timestep upper-multiplier
SET warning program warning
SET zvol_del block zone volume-minimum-delete
SET zvol_nodal block zone nodal-mixed-discretization
Use the volume-minimum keyword to set the minimum volume.
SET zvol_ratio block zone nodal-mixed-discretization
Use the volume-minimum-ratio keyword to set the minimum volume ratio.
SHOW block hide use the keyword off to show blocks.
SOLVE model solve
SOLVE fos model factor-of-safety
SOURCE block thermal source
STEP model step
STOP program stop
STRUCTURE axial sel reinforcement create
STRUCTURE beam struct beam
STRUCTURE cable struct cable or sel hybrid
STRUCTURE delete axial sel reinforcement delete
STRUCTURE delete beam struct beam delete
STRUCTURE delete cable struct cable delete or sel hybrid delete
STRUCTURE delete liner struct liner delete
STRUCTURE liner struct liner
STRUCTURE property Properties are specified with the type of element, e.g. sel cable property
SYMMETRY block thermal symmetry-planes
SYSTEM program system
TABLE table add (and associated commands)
TENSOR data tensor create (and associated commands)
THSOLVE block thermal analytical solve
TIME block thermal analytical solve
Use time keyword to specify time.
TITLE model title
TRACE add block trace or block gridpoint trace
TRACE trace
TUNNEL block cut tunnel
UNDO program undo
VECTOR data vector create (and associated commands)
WATER block water
ZONE density block zone property density
ZONE list block zone list
ZONE load block zone cmodel load
ZONE model block zone cmodel assign
ZONE permeability block zone fluid property permeability
ZONE porosity block zone fluid property porosity
ZONE … block zone property