Fluid Flow Properties and Units

Typical SI units for the various fluid flow parameters are given in the table below.

Parameter 3DEC keyword SI Units
Joint aperture at zero normal stress, \(u_{h0}\) flowplane property aperture-initial m
Joint maximum aperture, \(u_{max}\) flowplane property aperture-maximum m
Joint minimum (residual) aperture, \(u_{res}\) flowplane property aperture-minimum m
Fluid bulk modulus, \(K_w\) block fluid property bulk Pa
Fluid density, \(ρ_f\) block fluid property density kg/m3
Dynamic viscosity, \(μ\) block fluid property viscosity Pa · sec
Flow rate or discharge per unit width of joint \(q\) flowplane edge apply discharge m3/sec · m
Volumetric flow rate, \(Q\) flowknot apply discharge m3/sec
Fluid pressure, \(p\) flowpknot apply pore-pressure Pa
Joint hydraulic conductivity, \(k_H\)   m/s
Gas flow constant, \(γ\) block fluid gas alpha  
Gas flow constant, \(B\) block fluid gas constant s2/m2
Proppant volumetric concentration, \(c\) flowplane vertex initialize proppant-volume  
Proppant grain diameter block fluid proppant grain-size m
Proppant density, \(ρ_d\) block fluid proppant density kg/m3
Proppant pack intrinsic permeability block fluid proppant permeability M3
Matrix mobility coefficient, \(k\) block zone fluid property permeability m2/(Pa/s)
Matrix porosity, \(n\) block zone fluid property porosity