3DEC Commands Index

Below is a listing of the commands that are specific to 3DEC. See the main Command Index for comprehensive listing of all commands (this includes commands that are used commonly between 3DEC, FLAC3D, and PFC).

Table 1: 3DEC Commands by Group



    c block commands

    c flowknot commands

    c contact commands

    c flowplane commands

    c face commands

    c flowplane edge commands

    c gridpoint commands

    c flowplane zone commands

    c fblock commands

    c segment commands

    c set commands

block commands

block analyze-stability

block apply

block apply-remove

block cells

block copy

block create

block cut

block delete

block densify

block dynamic

block excavate

block export

block fill

block finite-element

block fix

block fluid

block fragment

block free

block generate

block group

block hide

block history

block import

block initialize

block insitu

block join

block join-by-contact

block joint-plane

block list

block makewall

block mechanical

block merge-finish

block merge-start

block property

block relax

block skip-join-update

block thermal

block to-flac3d

block to-pfc

block to-udec

block tolerance

block trace

block update

block vtk

block water

block contact commands

block contact apply

block contact area-minimum

block contact compute

block contact compute-stiffness

block contact delete-open

block contact generate-subcontacts

block contact group

block contact group-subcontact

block contact history

block contact jmodel

block contact join

block contact list

block contact local-stiffness

block contact material-table

block contact persistence

block contact property

block contact property-distribution

block contact record-shear

block contact reset

block contact tolerance

block contact vertex-vertex

block face commands

block face apply

block face apply-remove

block face group

block face list

block face triangulate

block gridpoint commands

block gridpoint apply

block gridpoint apply-remove

block gridpoint group

block gridpoint initialize

block gridpoint list

block gridpoint trace

fblock commands

fblock delete

fblock group

fblock list

flowknot commands

flowknot apply

flowknot apply-remove

flowknot fix

flowknot free

flowknot group

flowknot hide

flowknot history

flowknot initialize

flowknot list

flowknot property

flowknot volume-minimum

flowplane commands

flowplane active

flowplane area-minimum

flowplane group

flowplane hide

flowplane list

flowplane property

flowplane edge commands

flowplane edge apply

flowplane edge apply-remove

flowplane edge list

flowplane zone commands

flowplane zone area-minimum

flowplane zone edge-minimum

flowplane zone group

flowplane zone list