Plotting is one of the more extensive operations in the program interface, with a rich set of features, options, and controls. However, the basic idea of plotting is pretty simple.

  • create a plot
  • add plot items
  • for each plot item, use its attribute controls to refine the item’s appearance
  • apply cut planes or filters to obtain the exact part of the model to be visualized
  • manipulate (rotate, magnify, etc.) the entire view as needed

Plots Are In The Project

Unlike data files and saved states, plots do not exist as separate files outside the project. They are kept within the project file, and are saved with it — note when a plot is the active pane, the File ▸ [plot name] ▸ Save command is disabled because it is unavailable. Closing a plot causes it to be removed from the project entirely. Once this is done, it cannot be “brought back” — it must be rebuilt, if it is needed.

Defaults are Set in the Options Dialog

The i Plots page of the i Options dialog is used to specify the default settings for all plots. The settings under the heading “Default Plot Settings” are applied to each newly created plot. Once created, any of these settings may be changed on the plot as needed. The headings under “Global Plot Settings” apply to all plots at all times — a change made to one of these settings will affect all existing plots and are in effect at all times.