FLAC3D now has a two-dimensional counterpart: FLAC2D. The programs share the same code base and, consequently, many commands and FISH functions are common to both. In this documentation, “FLAC” as a term always indicates both programs at once. Statements using FLAC will be true for both programs. The limited use of the names FLAC2D and FLAC3D occurs only when necessary to indicate something that is solely applicable to one or the other.

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Base Commands

The main commands used by FLAC, listed below, are a mix of FLAC-specific commands (right) and commands also commonly used by PFC and 3DEC (left).

Table 1: Commands Used in FLAC
                        Common     FLAC Commands
c data c model c building-blocks*
c dfn c plot c sketch
c fish c program c structure
c fragment c project c zone
c geometry c table  
c group c trace  
c history    

          *FLAC3D only

range Reference

Full documentation for the range phrase can be found in Range Phrase Keywords.

FISH Functions

FISH functions used in FLAC are presented below in groups. Common functions (ones also used by PFC and 3DEC) appear on the left and FLAC-specific functions appear on the right.

                        Common     FLAC-specific
c cluster c math c building_blocks
c dfn c process utilities c sketch
c domain c socket c structure
c file c system c zone
c geometry c table  
c global c time  
c group c user data functions  
c io c value type utilities  
c mail c version