Index: Common Commands

Below are listed (by group) the commands that are common to all Itasca codes.

Table 1: Commands by Group
brick geometry plot
data group program
fracture (dfn) history project
domain measure table
fish model trace

brick Commands

brick assemble
brick delete
brick export
brick import
brick make
inlet create
inlet modify

data Commands

data label create
data label delete
data label list
data label modify
data label results
data scalar create
data scalar delete
data scalar export
data scalar group
data scalar import
data scalar list
data scalar results
data tensor create
data tensor delete
data tensor export
data tensor group
data tensor import
data tensor list
data tensor results
data vector create
data vector delete
data vector export
data vector group
data vector import
data vector list
data vector results

fracture (dfn) Commands

fracture aperture
fracture attribute
fracture cluster
fracture combine
fracture compute
fracture connectivity
fracture contact-model
fracture copy
fracture create
fracture delete
fracture dfn-extra
fracture dfn-group
fracture export
fracture extra
fracture generate
fracture group
fracture import
fracture initialize
fracture intersections automatic-update
fracture intersections compute
fracture intersections delete
fracture intersections scanline
fracture joint-set
fracture list
fracture property
fracture prune
fracture results
fracture set-property
fracture template create
fracture template delete
fracture template modify-default
fracture verify-file

domain Commands

domain condition
domain extent
domain strain-rate

fish Commands

fish automatic-create
fish boolean-convert
fish callback
fish debug
fish define
fish history
fish list
fish operator
fish results
fish structure
fish trace

fragment Commands

fragment activate
fragment clear
fragment compute
fragment deactivate
fragment group-isolated
fragment group-slot
fragment list
fragment map
fragment register

geometry Commands

geometry assign-groups
geometry copy
geometry delete
geometry edge create
geometry edge delete
geometry edge export
geometry edge extra
geometry edge group
geometry export
geometry fill
geometry generate
geometry import
geometry list
geometry move-to
geometry node create
geometry node delete
geometry node export
geometry node extra
geometry node group
geometry paint-extra
geometry polygon create
geometry polygon delete
geometry polygon export
geometry polygon extra
geometry polygon group
geometry refine
geometry results
geometry rotate
geometry select
geometry separate
geometry set
geometry tessellate
geometry translate
geometry triangulate

group Commands

group create
group list
group rename
group slot

history Commands

history delete
history export
history interval
history label
history list
history purge
history rename
history results

measure Commands

measure create
measure delete
measure dump
measure history
measure list
measure modify

model Commands

model calm
model clean
model configure
model creep
model cycle
model deterministic
model display
model domain
model dynamic
model energy
model factor-of-safety
model fluid
model gravity
model history
model large-strain
model list
model mechanical
model new
model orientation-tracking
model precision
model random
model range
model restore
model results
model save
model solve
model step
model thermal
model title
model update-interval

plot Commands

plot active
plot background
plot clear
plot copy
plot create
plot current
plot delete
plot export
plot item
plot legend
plot load
plot movie
plot outline
plot print-size
plot rename
plot show
plot title
plot title-job
plot update
plot view

program Commands

program automatic-model-save
program call
program continue
program customer-title-1
program customer-title-2
program directory
program echo
program echo-line
program encrypt
program exit
program floating-point-check
program license
program list
program load
program log
program log-file
program mail
program notice
program pagination
program pause
program playback
program quit
program return
program stop
program system
program threads
program undo
program warning

*Note: In use, program commands may be issued with or without the leading word “program” (e.g., program call and call are equivalent).

project Commands

project execute
project list
project new
project restore
project save
project save-plugins

table Commands

table add
table clear
table delete
table export
table import
table insert
table label
table list
table position
table results
table sort

trace Commands

trace delete
trace export
trace interval
trace list
trace name label
trace purge
trace results