FLAC Commands Index

Below is a listing of the commands that are specific to FLAC.

Table 1: FLAC Commands by Group*

c zone commands     includes:

c structure commands   includes:

    c face commands

    c beam commands

    c gridpoint commands

    c cable commands

    c interface commands

    c geogrid commands

    c joint commands

    c liner commands


    c link commands

    c block commands

    c node commands

    c edge commands

    c pile commands

    c mesh commands

    c shell commands

    c point commands

    c segment commands

    c set commands

*These commands are used by FLAC2D and FLAC3D

Table 2: FLAC3D-specific Commands by Group


    c block commands

    c edge commands

    c face commands

    c point commands

    c set commands

All groups of commands available in FLAC are listed alphabetically by group name below.

building-blocks block commands

building-blocks block create

building-blocks block delete

building-blocks block export

building-blocks block group

building-blocks block hide

building-blocks block id

building-blocks block import

building-blocks block list

building-blocks block make-hex-only

building-blocks block multiplier

building-blocks block snapon

building-blocks block transform

building-blocks edge commands

building-blocks edge add-controls

building-blocks edge delete

building-blocks edge drape

building-blocks edge factor

building-blocks edge group

building-blocks edge id

building-blocks edge list

building-blocks edge ratio

building-blocks edge ratio-isolate

building-blocks edge size

building-blocks edge snapon

building-blocks edge transform

building-blocks edge type

building-blocks face commands

building-blocks face add-controls

building-blocks face cycle

building-blocks face delete

building-blocks face drape

building-blocks face group

building-blocks face id

building-blocks face list

building-blocks face snapon

building-blocks face transform

building-blocks point commands

building-blocks point delete

building-blocks point drape

building-blocks point group

building-blocks point list

building-blocks point merge

building-blocks point move-to

building-blocks point snapon

building-blocks point transform

building-blocks set commands

building-blocks set arrest-triangle

building-blocks set auto-tolerance

building-blocks set automatic-zone

building-blocks set break-angle

building-blocks set create

building-blocks set delete

building-blocks set export

building-blocks set geometry

building-blocks set import

building-blocks set list

building-blocks set select

building-blocks set tolerance

building-blocks set validate-all

sketch block commands

sketch block create

sketch block delete

sketch block group

sketch block id

sketch block list

sketch block multiplier

sketch block position

sketch edge commands

sketch edge clear

sketch edge combine

sketch edge create

sketch edge delete

sketch edge group

sketch edge id

sketch edge list

sketch edge ratio

sketch edge ratio-isolate

sketch edge ratio-reverse

sketch edge size

sketch edge size-default

sketch edge zone-length

sketch edge zone-length-default

sketch mesh commands

sketch mesh gradation

sketch mesh list

sketch mesh mode

sketch mesh optimization

sketch mesh quad-weight

sketch mesh reset

sketch mesh shape-quality

sketch mesh target-size

sketch mesh type

sketch point commands

sketch point create

sketch point delete

sketch point group

sketch point id

sketch point list

sketch point transform

sketch segment commands

sketch segment clear

sketch segment create

sketch segment delete

sketch segment group

sketch segment id

sketch segment list

sketch segment ratio

sketch segment ratio-reverse

sketch segment size

sketch segment size-default

sketch segment zone-length

sketch segment zone-length-default

sketch set commands

sketch set automatic-validate

sketch set automatic-zone

sketch set clear

sketch set create

sketch set delete

sketch set list

sketch set metadata

sketch set rename

sketch set select

sketch set system

sketch set update-polygons

structure commands

structure dynamic-safety-factor

structure dynamic damping

structure geometry-update

structure list information

structure mechanical damping

structure ratio

structure results

structure safety-factor

structure scale-rotational-mass

structure beam commands

structure beam apply

structure beam cmodel

structure beam create

structure beam delete

structure beam group

structure beam hide

structure beam history

structure beam import

structure beam initialize

structure beam list

structure beam property

structure beam refine

structure beam select

structure cable commands

structure cable apply

structure cable create

structure cable delete

structure cable group

structure cable hide

structure cable history

structure cable import

structure cable initialize

structure cable list

structure cable property

structure cable refine

structure cable select

structure hybrid import

structure hybrid list

structure geogrid commands

structure geogrid apply

structure geogrid cmodel

structure geogrid create

structure geogrid delete

structure geogrid group

structure geogrid hide

structure geogrid history

structure geogrid import

structure geogrid initialize

structure geogrid list

structure geogrid property

structure geogrid recover

structure geogrid refine

structure geogrid select

structure liner commands

structure liner apply

structure liner cmodel

structure liner create

structure liner delete

structure liner gap-factor

structure liner group

structure liner hide

structure liner history

structure liner import

structure liner initialize

structure liner list

structure liner property

structure liner recover

structure liner refine

structure liner select

structure link commands

structure link attach

structure link create

structure link delete

structure link dynamic-damping

structure link group

structure link hide

structure link history

structure link list

structure link property

structure link select

structure link slide

structure link tolerance-contact

structure link tolerance-node

structure link tolerance-slide

structure node commands

structure node apply

structure node create

structure node damping-local

structure node delete

structure node fix

structure node free

structure node group

structure node hide

structure node history

structure node initialize

structure node join

structure node list

structure node select

structure node system-local

structure pile commands

structure pile apply

structure pile cmodel

structure pile create

structure pile delete

structure pile group

structure pile hide

structure pile history

structure pile import

structure pile initialize

structure pile list

structure pile property

structure pile refine

structure pile select

structure shell commands

structure shell apply

structure shell cmodel

structure shell create

structure shell delete

structure shell group

structure shell hide

structure shell history

structure shell import

structure shell initialize

structure shell list

structure shell property

structure shell recover

structure shell refine

structure shell select

zone commands

zone apply

zone apply-remove

zone attach

zone cmodel

zone consolidation

zone copy

zone create

zone create2d

zone creep

zone delete

zone densify

zone dynamic

zone export

zone fluid

zone generate

zone geometry-test

zone geometry-tolerance

zone geometry-update

zone group

zone hide

zone history

zone import

zone initialize

zone initialize-stresses

zone list

zone mechanical

zone nodal-mixed-discretization

zone property

zone property-distribution

zone ratio

zone reflect

zone relax

zone results

zone select

zone separate

zone split

zone thermal

zone trace

zone validate

zone vtk

zone water

zone face commands

zone face apply

zone face apply-remove

zone face group

zone face hide

zone face list

zone face select

zone face skin

zone face westergaard

zone face westergaard-remove

zone gridpoint commands

zone gridpoint create

zone gridpoint fix

zone gridpoint force-reaction

zone gridpoint free

zone gridpoint group

zone gridpoint import

zone gridpoint initialize

zone gridpoint list

zone gridpoint merge

zone gridpoint system

zone interface commands

zone interface create

zone interface effective

zone interface element

zone interface group

zone interface list

zone interface node

zone interface permeability

zone interface tolerance-contact

zone joint commands

zone joint configure

zone joint create

zone joint create-contact

zone joint delete

zone joint initialize-stresses

zone joint permeability