Command Index

Base FLAC3D Commands

The main commands used by FLAC3D are encapsulated on the list below. Note these are a mix of FLAC3D-specific commands and commands that are also commonly used by PFC and 3DEC.

Table 1: FLAC3D Commands
c building-block c model
c data c plot
c dfn c program
c extrude c project
c fish c structure
c fragment c table
c geometry c trace
c group c zone
c history  

See the Range Phrase Keyword Reference in the range (keyword) section for reference information on range construction.

Base 3DEC Commands

The main commands used by 3DEC are encapsulated on the list below. Note these are a mix of 3DEC-specific commands and commands that are also commonly used by PFC and FLAC3D.

Table 2: 3DEC Commands
c block c history
c data c model
c dfn c plot
c domain c program
c fish c project
c flow c sel
c geometry c structure
c group c table
c c trace

See the Range Phrase Keyword Reference in the range (keyword) section for reference information on range construction.

Base PFC Commands

Comprehensive Command Index

All commands that appear in this documentation are listed here.

ball accumulate-stress
ball attribute
ball clump
ball create
ball delete
ball distribute
ball export
ball extra
ball fix
ball free
ball generate
ball group
ball history
ball initialize
ball list
ball property
ball results
ball tolerance
ball trace
ball tractions
ball cfd attribute
ball cfd extra
ball cfd group
ball cfd history
ball cfd initialize
ball cfd list
ball thermal attribute
ball thermal extra
ball thermal fix
ball thermal free
ball thermal group
ball thermal history
ball thermal initialize
ball thermal list
ball thermal property
ball-zone create
building-blocks block create
building-blocks block delete
building-blocks block export
building-blocks block group
building-blocks block hide
building-blocks block id
building-blocks block import
building-blocks block list
building-blocks block make-hex-only
building-blocks block multiplier
building-blocks block snapon
building-blocks block transform
building-blocks edge add-controls
building-blocks edge delete
building-blocks edge drape
building-blocks edge factor
building-blocks edge group
building-blocks edge id
building-blocks edge list
building-blocks edge ratio
building-blocks edge ratio-isolate
building-blocks edge size
building-blocks edge snapon
building-blocks edge transform
building-blocks edge type
building-blocks face add-controls
building-blocks face cycle
building-blocks face delete
building-blocks face drape
building-blocks face group
building-blocks face id
building-blocks face list
building-blocks face snapon
building-blocks face transform
block analyze-stability free-face
block apply
block apply-remove
block cells
block copy
block create
block cut
block delete
block densify
block dynamic
block excavate
block export
block fill
block finite-element
block fix
block fluid
block fragment
block free
block generate
block group
block hide
block history
block import
block initialize
block insitu
block join
block joint-plane
block list
block makewall
block mechanical
block merge-finish
block merge-start
block property
block skip-join-update
block thermal
block to-flac3d
block to-pfc
block to-udec
block tolerance
block trace
block update
block vtk
block water
block contact apply
block contact area-minimum
block contact compute
block contact delete-open
block contact generate-subcontacts
block contact group
block contact group-subcontact
block contact history
block contact jmodel
block contact join
block contact list
block contact local-stiffness
block contact material-table
block contact property
block contact property-distribution
block contact record-shear
block contact reset
block contact tolerance
block face apply
block face apply-remove
block face group
block face list
block face triangulate
block gridpoint apply
block gridpoint apply-remove
block gridpoint group
block gridpoint initialize
block gridpoint list
block gridpoint trace
block zone cmodel
block zone fluid
block zone generate
block zone generate-new
block zone group
block zone initialize
block zone list
block zone nodal-mixed-discretization
block zone property
block zone property-distribution
block zone size
block zone thermal
block zone volume-minimum-delete
building-blocks point delete
building-blocks point drape
building-blocks point group
building-blocks point list
building-blocks point merge
building-blocks point move-to
building-blocks point snapon
building-blocks point transform
brick assemble
brick delete
brick export
brick import
brick make
inlet create
inlet modify
building-blocks set arrest-triangle
building-blocks set auto-tolerance
building-blocks set automatic-zone
building-blocks set break-angle
building-blocks set create
building-blocks set delete
building-blocks set export
building-blocks set geometry
building-blocks set import
building-blocks set list
building-blocks set select
building-blocks set tolerance
building-blocks set validate-all
cfd buoyancy
cfd connect
cfd coupling
cfd cycling
cfd interval
cfd list
cfd output
cfd porosity
cfd read
cfd relaxation
cfd restart
cfd slave
cfd term
cfd update
cfd vof
clump accumulate-stress
clump attribute
clump break
clump create
clump delete
clump distribute
clump export
clump extra
clump fix
clump free
clump generate
clump group
clump history
clump initialize
clump list
clump order
clump property
clump replicate
clump results
clump rotate
clump scale
clump template
clump tolerance
clump trace
clump cfd attribute
clump cfd extra
clump cfd group
clump cfd history
clump cfd initialize
clump cfd list
clump thermal attribute
clump thermal extra
clump thermal fix
clump thermal free
clump thermal group
clump thermal history
clump thermal initialize
clump thermal list
clump thermal property
contact cmat add
contact cmat apply
contact cmat default
contact cmat list
contact cmat modify
contact cmat remove
contact activate
contact apply-group
contact cmat proximity
contact delete
contact detection
contact extra
contact fix
contact group
contact history
contact inhibit
contact list
contact method
contact model
contact persist
contact property
data label create
data label delete
data label list
data label modify
data label results
data scalar create
data scalar delete
data scalar export
data scalar group
data scalar import
data scalar list
data scalar results
data tensor create
data tensor delete
data tensor export
data tensor group
data tensor import
data tensor list
data tensor results
data vector create
data vector delete
data vector export
data vector group
data vector import
data vector list
data vector results
fracture aperture
fracture attribute
fracture cluster
fracture combine
fracture compute
fracture connectivity
fracture contact-model
fracture copy
fracture create
fracture delete
fracture dfn-extra
fracture dfn-group
fracture export
fracture extra
fracture generate
fracture group
fracture import
fracture initialize
fracture intersections automatic-update
fracture intersections compute
fracture intersections delete
fracture intersections scanline
fracture joint-set
fracture list
fracture property
fracture prune
fracture results
fracture set-property
fracture template create
fracture template delete
fracture template modify-default
fracture verify-file
domain condition
domain extent
domain strain-rate
element cfd attribute
element cfd extra
element cfd group
element cfd history
element cfd initialize
element cfd list
extrude block create
extrude block delete
extrude block group
extrude block id
extrude block list
extrude block multiplier
extrude block position
extrude edge clear
extrude edge combine
extrude edge create
extrude edge delete
extrude edge group
extrude edge id
extrude edge length
extrude edge length-default
extrude edge list
extrude edge ratio
extrude edge ratio-isolate
extrude edge size
extrude edge size-default
extrude mesh gradation
extrude mesh list
extrude mesh mode
extrude mesh optimization
extrude mesh quad-weight
extrude mesh reset
extrude mesh shape-quality
extrude mesh target-size
extrude mesh type
extrude point create
extrude point delete
extrude point group
extrude point id
extrude point list
extrude point transform
extrude segment add
extrude segment clear
extrude segment delete
extrude segment index
extrude segment list
extrude segment origin
extrude set automatic-validate
extrude set automatic-zone
extrude set clear
extrude set delete
extrude set list
extrude set metadata
extrude set select
extrude set system
extrude set update-polygons
fblock delete
fblock group
fblock list
feblock generate
feblock gravity
feblock list
fish automatic-create
fish boolean-convert
fish callback
fish debug
fish define
fish history
fish list
fish operator
fish results
fish structure
fish trace
flowknot apply
flowknot apply-remove
flowknot fix
flowknot free
flowknot group
flowknot hide
flowknot history
flowknot initialize
flowknot list
flowknot property
flowknot volume-minimum
flowplane active
flowplane area-minimum
flowplane group
flowplane hide
flowplane list
flowplane property
flowplane edge apply
flowplane edge apply-remove
flowplane edge list
flowplane vertex group
flowplane vertex history
flowplane vertex initialize
flowplane vertex list
flowplane vertex property
flowplane zone area-minimum
flowplane zone edge-minimum
flowplane zone group
flowplane zone list
fragment activate
fragment clear
fragment compute
fragment deactivate
fragment group-isolated
fragment group-slot
fragment list
fragment map
fragment register
geometry assign-groups
geometry copy
geometry delete
geometry edge create
geometry edge delete
geometry edge export
geometry edge extra
geometry edge group
geometry export
geometry fill
geometry generate
geometry import
geometry list
geometry move-to
geometry node create
geometry node delete
geometry node export
geometry node extra
geometry node group
geometry paint-extra
geometry polygon create
geometry polygon delete
geometry polygon export
geometry polygon extra
geometry polygon group
geometry refine
geometry results
geometry rotate
geometry select
geometry separate
geometry set
geometry tessellate
geometry translate
geometry triangulate
group create
group list
group rename
group slot
history delete
history export
history interval
history label
history list
history purge
history rename
history results
measure create
measure delete
measure dump
measure history
measure list
measure modify
model calm
model clean
model configure
model creep
model cycle
model deterministic
model display
model domain
model dynamic
model energy
model factor-of-safety
model fluid
model gravity
model history
model large-strain
model list
model mechanical
model new
model orientation-tracking
model precision
model random
model range
model restore
model results
model save
model solve
model step
model thermal
model title
model update-interval
plot active
plot background
plot clear
plot copy
plot create
plot current
plot delete
plot export
plot item
plot legend
plot load
plot movie
plot outline
plot print-size
plot rename
plot show
plot title
plot title-job
plot update
plot view
program automatic-model-save
program call
program continue
program customer-title-1
program customer-title-2
program directory
program echo
program echo-line
program encrypt
program exit
program floating-point-check
program license
program list
program load
program log
program log-file
program mail
program notice
program pagination
program pause
program playback
program quit
program return
program stop
program system
program threads
program undo
program warning
project execute
project list
project new
project restore
project save
project save-plugins
rblock apply-facet-groups
rblock attribute
rblock clump
rblock construct
rblock contact-resolution
rblock create
rblock cut
rblock damping
rblock delete
rblock densify
rblock dilate
rblock distribute
rblock erode
rblock export
rblock extra
rblock facet apply
rblock facet apply-remove
rblock facet group
rblock fix
rblock free
rblock generate
rblock group
rblock hide
rblock history
rblock import
rblock initialize
rblock list
rblock merge
rblock property
rblock refine
rblock replicate
rblock results
rblock rotate
rblock scale
rblock select
rblock template
rblock tolerance
rblock trace
rblock tractions
rblock thermal attribute
rblock thermal extra
rblock thermal fix
rblock thermal free
rblock thermal group
rblock thermal history
rblock thermal initialize
rblock thermal list
rblock thermal property
sel hybrid change
sel hybrid create
sel hybrid delete
sel hybrid group
sel hybrid history
sel hybrid list
sel hybrid node
sel hybrid property
sel hybrid update
sel node group
sel node mass-multiplier
sel node property
sel reinforcement create
sel reinforcement group
sel reinforcement history
sel reinforcement list
sel reinforcement property
structure damping
structure dynamic damping
structure list information
structure mechanical damping
structure ratio
structure results
structure safety-factor
structure scale-rotational-mass
structure beam apply
structure beam create
structure beam delete
structure beam group
structure beam hide
structure beam history
structure beam import
structure beam initialize
structure beam list
structure beam property
structure beam refine
structure beam select
structure cable apply
structure cable create
structure cable delete
structure cable group
structure cable hide
structure cable history
structure cable import
structure cable initialize
structure cable list
structure cable property
structure cable refine
structure cable select
structure hybrid import
structure hybrid list
structure geogrid apply
structure geogrid create
structure geogrid delete
structure geogrid group
structure geogrid hide
structure geogrid history
structure geogrid import
structure geogrid initialize
structure geogrid list
structure geogrid property
structure geogrid recover
structure geogrid refine
structure geogrid select
structure hybrid apply
structure hybrid create
structure hybrid delete
structure hybrid group
structure hybrid hide
structure hybrid history
structure hybrid initialize
structure hybrid property
structure hybrid select
structure liner apply
structure liner create
structure liner delete
structure liner gap-factor
structure liner group
structure liner hide
structure liner history
structure liner import
structure liner initialize
structure liner list
structure liner property
structure liner recover
structure liner refine
structure liner select
structure link attach
structure link create
structure link delete
structure link group
structure link hide
structure link history
structure link list
structure link property
structure link select
structure link slide
structure link tolerance-contact
structure link tolerance-node
structure link tolerance-slide
structure node apply
structure node create
structure node damping-local
structure node delete
structure node fix
structure node free
structure node group
structure node hide
structure node history
structure node initialize
structure node join
structure node list
structure node select
structure node system-local
structure pile apply
structure pile create
structure pile delete
structure pile group
structure pile hide
structure pile history
structure pile import
structure pile initialize
structure pile list
structure pile property
structure pile refine
structure pile select
structure shell apply
structure shell create
structure shell delete
structure shell group
structure shell hide
structure shell history
structure shell import
structure shell initialize
structure shell list
structure shell property
structure shell recover
structure shell refine
structure shell select
table add
table clear
table delete
table export
table import
table insert
table label
table list
table position
table results
table sort
trace delete
trace export
trace interval
trace list
trace name label
trace purge
trace results
wall active-sides
wall addfacet
wall attribute
wall create
wall delete
wall export
wall extra
wall generate
wall group
wall history
wall import
wall initialize
wall list
wall property
wall resolution
wall results
wall rotate
wall servo
wall tolerance
wall velocity-conveyor
wall-structure compute-stiffness
wall-structure create
wall-structure full-computation
wall-structure stiffness-factor
wall-structure update-tolerance
wall thermal attribute
wall thermal extra
wall thermal group
wall thermal initialize
wall thermal list
wall thermal property
wall-zone compute-stiffness
wall-zone create
wall-zone full-computation
wall-zone stiffness-factor
wall-zone update-tolerance
zone apply
zone apply-remove
zone attach
zone cmodel
zone copy
zone create
zone creep
zone delete
zone densify
zone dynamic
zone export
zone fluid
zone generate
zone geometry-test
zone geometry-tolerance
zone geometry-update
zone group
zone hide
zone history
zone import
zone initialize
zone initialize-stresses
zone list
zone mechanical
zone nodal-mixed-discretization
zone property
zone property-distribution
zone ratio
zone reflect
zone relax
zone results
zone select
zone separate
zone split
zone thermal
zone trace
zone validate
zone vtk
zone water
zone face apply
zone face apply-remove
zone face group
zone face hide
zone face list
zone face select
zone face skin
zone face westergaard
zone face westergaard-remove
zone gridpoint create
zone gridpoint fix
zone gridpoint force-reaction
zone gridpoint free
zone gridpoint group
zone gridpoint import
zone gridpoint initialize
zone gridpoint list
zone gridpoint merge
zone gridpoint system
zone interface create
zone interface effective
zone interface element
zone interface group
zone interface list
zone interface node
zone interface permeability
zone interface tolerance-contact